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Tue, Mar. 28th, 2006, 04:17 pm

1) abstruse-confusing (" some people are really good with using abstruse words, but alot of the time it's just to befuddle others")

2) befuddled-confused ( "this whole pradicament has left me befuddled") (also a word for being drunk)

3) inquisitive-curious (" I am a very inquisitive person, I love learning new things")

4) ambivalent- uncertain/ debatable ("what do you want to do?" "I'm ambivalent")

5) authoritative-dominent/ having athority (" I'm working on becoming more authoritative in conversations")

6) caustic- really bitter but, sarcasticly (" That caustic bitch")

7) callous- unfeeling/cold hearted/ apathetic ("it's horrible how so many people can be so callous about the world and all the problems invading it")

8) commendable-worthy of praise ("your cooking is commendable good-sir")

10) cynical- pessimistic ("stop being so cynical, look at the good things in life")

11) condescending- talking to someone like there dumb ("she was talking to me in this condescending voice that really just made me wan't to punch the bitch in the face")

12) dignified- honorable ("there was no way I'd let him feel dignified by my presance")

13) earnest- sincere/ straightforward ("I tryed to be as earnest & frank as possible, but he still just diddnt get it")

14) evasive- avoiding things / not straight forward (unspecific)( "you are being very evasive, stop beating around the bush, get straight to the point buddy")

15) contemptuous- hateful/ the feeling of contempt ("I am feeling very contemptuous about what you have done, just please never talk to me again")

16) condemnation/ condemning- accusing of wrong doing (" everyone was condemning her for taking my shirt, so finnally she gave it back")

17) adamant- commited to something/ unshakable/ relentless ("I am absolutely adamant to get a bus"

19) omniscient- all knowing ("when it comes to sewing I am omniscent")

Tue, Mar. 28th, 2006, 01:34 pm

me and matt have been together for about 7 mounths

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2006, 03:28 pm

me and Matt have been together for about 6 mounths

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2006, 02:34 pm
dropkick boobie

I went bar hopping w/ Reggie, Sita, some Mexican guy, and some portircan chick the other night. It started out just me and Reggie at gator city we got a pitcher of beer and played pool then we went to the shamrock for and drank whisky sours, the shamrock was pretty slow so we went to Happy hour and they took away my beer so then we went to JP Gators. I called Sita and she gave up some ski trip to come hang out we drank a couple different drinks (none that tasted as good as a grateful dead) then we got a pitcher. Reggie called this girl that he has been trying to hook up with and she brought some Mexican guy w/ her, She looked trashed when she got there but, hey so was I. we played a game of pool and that crazy portircan bitch was so bi-polar, like she was a bitch to Sita for a while then she got all lovely and started kissing everyone. we decided to go to the side bar but when me and Sita arrived there the portircan girl was making out with the bouncer i broke out laughing and told Reggie that when ever he could break her free to meet us at the shamrock. So we walked in and the first thing we saw were these two guys mildly arguing and Sita gets right in there and is like "what happened ext... ext..." being all nosey, then the two guys start fist fighting and one pulls the other over and he fucking drop kicked me right in the tittie and some guy was sitting next to me who kept saying "that looked like it hurt" and he said it so many times so I’m just like "no shit dude" then I went up to the guy who kicked me and was like "dude you just drop kicked me in the tittie" and he’s like "I’m sorry, want me to ice it over" he introduced himself and got me a drink. Reggie showed up and said the portircan girl’s car wouldn’t start so he went to go help them and we drove to his house he got there before we did and he said that girl was making out w/ the Mexican in some parking lot and he decided FUCK IT! And came home, then I passed out... the next day me and Sita went to Jims house, took hits out of the bong all day and saw random people we know. Gopal gave me a necklace its really cool. Then I met matt and Flippy at Tim and Terries. I was so stoned but, Matt probably thought something else because I don't smoke too often and everyone was being quiet and it was awkward for a moment. we went to matt’s house, I was so out of it I laid on his bed for a little while then from the other room Matt’s like "what’s up with Jahnava coming over and going straight to sleep" then i yelled back at him and said I was waking up soon i was just resting so we hung out for a while then went to sleep the next day Sita woke me up and was like lets go to rainbow, I was so happy I got out of bed took a shower got me stuff... 8 hrs later... I’m sick of waiting... Sita finally came... me Erzsie., Sita, and eventually hemi were all packed in her van we drove everywhere, everyone was so exited, I asked Erzsie if I could hit her bowl and i forgot to pass it to Matt so Matt got all pissed off and decided he didn’t want to go I started freaking out (I fucking hate getting flash backs). Then when finally matt decided he wanted to go Sita’s like I’m too tired. Wrong thing to say everyone was yelling and screaming Erzsie called her a "cunt" and I guess there not friends anymore. I went back to Matt's house and didn’t have sex ARG... The next day Flippy bought some yay then Matt ended up buying some and they both ended up spending quite a bit of money it was our binge day/all night I went to bed at about 7:00 the next morning. I don't know if Matt doesn’t think I’m hott any more or what's going on he doesn’t ever want to have sex anymore on our binge night I tried and he just wouldn’t stay up **so disappointing** 5 fucking days i had to masturbate that fucking basterd.

Tue, Feb. 7th, 2006, 03:38 pm
hippies in Ocala

Me, Matt, and Flippy went to Ocala the gathering hasnt officially started there are pretty much just alot of agro drunks... (who were very entertaining) and a couple hippies, I saw Justinian also he was tripping balls. Matt is not rainbow material at all he dousent understand the concept of rainbow land, but thats okay life goes on. Justinian was "leading" us to Rainbow land away from all the drunks but I guess he was tripping to hard or something becouse all he did was lead us off th path into all kinds of bushes... so Matt was like fuck this and started walking away he wouldent even wait for me to say goodbie to Justinian, so I let him walk and I talked to Justinian for a while then I started walking and Matt still wouldn’t wait for me or Justinian who was going to lead us back so Matt missed the turn and Justinian had to call us back then I gave Justinian a hug and we talked for a second longer but, Matt kept fucking walking and It sounded like he fell in the mud but, he should have listened. Then we drove back to Gainesville and the next day I was feeling sort of sick, I’m guessing from the hippie water... I met Lizard girl that day and I wasn’t really up for hanging out but w/e I did anyways.
Yesterday I was at school in the Library and I turned to the door and I saw this guy walking towards me with a backpack and a guitar, as he was walking I thought wow he is gorgeous, I really stared him down for a second but then I thought "he looks allot like Justinian but then I’m like “no he looks way better then Justinian and Justinian wouldn’t be at Santa Fe” and I looked back down to my work but shore enough he walked up to the table and hey it was Justinian...
I was so glad to stop working I had been doing HW for 4 hrs. He gave me a cigarette and we talked about our adventures, then we sat on the steps and played guitar. My mom gave him $2 and he was on his merry way he said "there is no such thing as good bye so Jahnava I’ll see you later" then I went home and called Matt and he was hanging out w/ Erzsie & Kyle with out me and he seemed to be preoccupied so I went about my night.

Tue, Jan. 31st, 2006, 03:02 pm
Operation Ivy

US ska/punk cultish legends Operation Ivy were formed in 1987 by Tim "Lint" Armstrong (guitar, vocals), Matt Freeman aka Matt McCall (bass), Dave Mello (drums) and Jesse Michaels (vocals). Inspired equally by Britain's first wave of punk bands and the 2-Tone ska revivalists such as the Specials. Their main American influence was the Uptones, from Berkeley, California. Their debut in Mello's garage was followed quickly by an appearance supporting MDC at Berkeley's Gilman Street club, the prominent local facility that would later breed peers such as Green Day. After making their vinyl debut on a Maximum Rock 'n' Roll compilation, Operation Ivy released the Hectic EP in January 1988 on Lookout Records. A full-length album, Energy, followed in 1989. It added to Operation Ivy's growing popularity, with the band competently matching reggae, ska, pop and punk with vitriolic lyrics. However, it was live that they were at their most impressive, performing a punishing schedule of concerts throughout North America. The pressure finally eroded the group's spirit, and they collapsed in May 1989. Michaels became a Buddhist monk and Mello joined Schlong, but Armstrong and Freeman continued working together. Two ska-inspired bands, the Dance Hall Crashers and Downfall, featured both of them. By April 1990 Matt had joined MDC, and brought Tim on tour as his roadie. He left by the end of the year, however, and Rancid was eventually formed, initially as a trio with Tim, Matt and Brett.

For more Operation Ivy check out: www.operationivy.com

Tue, Jan. 31st, 2006, 03:00 pm

The Transplants were formed in 1999 when Tim played Rob Aston (friend and roadie) some beats he had made on pro-tools and asked Rob if he would consider being in a band with him and contributing lyrics. Tim played all the instruments himself and the drums were done on machine but they soon realized they’d have to recruit a drummer and decided to call on Travis Barker from Blink 182.

Tim first became inspired to work with loops and samples after being introduced to London's speed/garage scene by Kerrang magazine writer, Morat in the mid-90s.

Rob Aston describes their songs to range from such topics as murder (Quick Death) to the passing of a loved one (Sad But True) to failed friendships (We trusted you). The album was recorded in Tim's basement and also featured Matt Freeman (Rancid), Vic Ruggiero (Slackers), and Brody Dalle (Distillers, ex-wife of Tim). Brody sings on the track Weigh on my mind, which Tim then described as "their song".

The result was the self-titled album released in 2001 on Hellcat Records. The singles, Diamonds and Guns and DJ DJ quickly became MTV favorites and they instantly received commercial success and critical acclaim going on tour with rock bands such as The Foo Fighters. One of the most startling of the Transplants achievements, is that it has attracted corporate dollars to Hellcat with Diamonds and Guns being used on a Loreal Shampoo advertisement!

They are recording their follow-up album in 2004.

Jennifer Lynn

Tue, Jan. 31st, 2006, 02:46 pm

Tim Armstrong (guitar/vocals); Lars Frederiksen ( guitar/vocals); Matt Freeman (bass/vocals); Brett Reed - drums.

Rancid was formed in 1991 by childhood friends Tim Armstrong (guitar/vocals) and Matt Freeman (bass/vocals) from Berkeley and Albany, CA. The two first met back in 1972 when they were just 6 years old. By 1987 they were playing together in Operation Ivy one of the original bands of the now legendary Gilman St. scene. But by 1989 Operation Ivy were already falling apart, due largely to Tim’s worsening alcohol problems. In the next couple of years Tim would be in and out of detox and he and Matt would play in a few other bands, the most well known being Downfall. They made one album which was never released but bootlegged in its thousands. According to Tim “Downfall never felt right, even from the beginning”. Matt left to join MDC and took Tim along to be his roadie. They continued to play in a few other bands together including ska band Shaken 69 and punk band Generator. However when Matt left MDC to join the Gr’ups and Tim continued to hit rock bottom, it looked like the long-lasting partnership may finally have been coming to an end.

Out of the depths of despair and humiliation, Tim found the strength to quit drinking and his first mission was to get his partnership with Matt back again. They started jamming again and putting together the band that would become RANCID.

Matt was wary at first and continued to play in the Gr’ups with Rancid being his “side thing with an old friend”

Good luck finally seemed to bless the pair in 1991 – money was starting to come in from the Operation Ivy releases and Tim finally had enough money to take care of himself and concentrate on writing music. Now that Tim had proven to Matt he was going to stay sober, Matt finally packed in the Gr’ups and RANCID was officially born.

They recruited a young skater punk and member of local band Smog, named Brett Reed to play drums, Tim described him as “a sarcastic skater kid who could barely play.”

In 1992 they released their 1st single “I’m not the only one” on Lookout records. By the end of 1992 they signed to Epitaph to record their eponymous debut album in 1993.

While getting ready to record their 2nd album they decided they wanted to expand to a 4 piece and recruited a young Berkeley kid named Billie Joe Armstrong. They played one show at Gilman with him and he co-wrote the song “Radio”. Although everything went well with Billie it wasn’t to work out, as Tim puts it “he had other things going on…….another band he was doing pretty well with”!!!

What next? That came in the form of 19 year old Lars Frederiksen from Campbell, CA who had previously opened for Rancid with his band Slip and was more recently a member of the UK Subs. In his words when he first heard the Rancid record he thought “Oh God this is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life” There was a slight hitch however – at this point Lars was a recovering heroin addict and still very much liked to drink. At first Tim didn’t think it would be too much of a problem, after all Matt still drank the odd beer. But the truth came to light when the band went to a Green Day/Tilt gig in Berkeley – Lars was intoxicated to the point where Matt said “Fuck that guy, no fucking way is he going to be in my band” Tim was a little more understanding and had a heart to heart with Lars and told him to decide between the alcohol or the band…..luckily Lars made the right decision!

In the New Year, they released the "Radio Radio Radio" single, on Fat Wreck Chords. This was Lars’ debut on record.

Let’s Go was recorded in 4 days and released in 1994. It won the hearts of punks around the world, not to mention selling almost a million copies and starting a bidding war between several major labels, Madonna even sent the band a naked photograph from her new book to try and coheres them into signing with her Maverick label. However they stuck to their DIY punk attitude and remained with Epitaph.

The following year Rancid released ...And Out Come the Wolves. The album further thrust the group into the limelight with the singles, "Roots Radicals," "Time Bomb" and "Ruby Soho." This recent fame was already beginning to grate on some of the DIY ‘till I die punks especially after the band performed Roots Radicals on Saturday Nite Live. Tim’s words to the “punks” muttering the words “sell out” were “Have you ever turned down a million and a half dollars – well I have”! After a year and a half of touring, including a slot on the 1996 Lollapalooza tour with The Ramones, the band took a well-deserved year off.

Their most eclectic album to date Life Won’t Wait was released in 1998. It fused punk with touches of ska, reggae and rockabilly. To this day it remains to divide Rancid fans, although this time the arguments were about the music and not the usual “sell out” jibes that were ever too frequent when discussing …And Out Come the Wolves.

A new millennium saw the release of Rancid 2000, probably their most hardcore record to date burning through 22 songs in 38 minutes. This album was enough even for those self-righteous punkers that had left Rancid’s side to admit that this was a grinding, raw, amazing punk record!

In the few years to follow both Tim and Lars would work on side projects. Lars' being Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards which was co-written and produced by Tim. Tim's being the critically acclaimed Transplants alongside Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and Rancid roadie "Skinhead" Rob Aston.

That brings us up to date with 2003’s Indestructible. This album was critically acclaimed from the likes of Rolling Stone and Spin, it has made Rancid the godfathers of modern-day punk amongst the new wave of pop-punkers crediting them as inspirations. It has put them on top where they truly belong. Of course the brilliance of this album was overshadowed by Rancid’s decision to sign to Warner Bros for a distribution deal. The main topic of concern from "fans" and haters alike seemed to be the damn Warner signing, they didn’t once discuss the music. The only words they could manage to utter through their newly pierced lips was “sell outs.” In my opinion I don’t care who they sign to as long as the music and the touring continues, shit I don’t even care which current pathetic pop star Tim has decided to write songs for – it’s all irrelevant.

So to all the “punks” that continue to spew shit from their mouths I say this – maybe you were never really a fan to begin with – because if you were you’d know to Rancid and their fans the thing of most importance is the music, the love of the tight family unit that is Rancid and above all the punk rock attitude that you do what YOU want to do, you don’t care what’s right or wrong (even in terms of what label you sign to) you just do it and don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of you!

-Jennifer Lynn-

Tue, Jan. 31st, 2006, 01:33 pm
Directions to Ocala

turn off I75 into ocala... From SR 40, which runs east to west between Interstate 75 in Ocala and Interstate 95 in Daytona Beach: Go South on FR 579. There's a sign on SR 40 pointing to Halfmoon Lake. That's FR 579. Go past the turnoff for Halfmoon Lake, as well as FR 595, about 7 miles altogether. Turn Right onto FR 573. Go about a mile. Turn right onto FR 591. Signs point to Lake Mary and Lake Catherine. Bus Village is in the Lake Mary boat ramp area. Parking is on the right hand side of FR 591.
That lands you in the Parking Lot. The Gathering happens way back in the woods

Wed, Jan. 25th, 2006, 04:22 pm
random people I know popping up every where...

I have so much homework every night. Collage is so stressful, but I know if I don't do it I'm going to lose my grant and owe my mom $1000 + It’s fun learning things I feel a bit more intelligent. I saw Jesus he goes to Santa Fe now also. Yesterday I rode the city bus to Matt's house or halfway at least, I missed one bus and ended up walking the rest of the way in the hot sun, with my heavy bag it was horrible. Then when I reached Jimmy Johns I looked to see what time it was but my watch was gone. I bought a veggie sub (delicious) and I saw Tripping Jake (weird). After I was done eating I started walking again and saw Jessie speeding along on his bike, we talked for a second then we were both on our merry ways when I got to Matt’s house he told me his mom saw me sitting at the bus stop. We went to Cici's pizza and drank beer; they really do have pizza "slices as big as your head”. We met this guy outside and he said he lives with hippie Gopal and wanted to hang out but matt said he didn’t want to (it would have been boring anyways). Then matt took me home, I did tons of homework and talked to Matt until I was to tired to talk. Matt told me some crazy bedtime story about ganja, Bob Marley and some crazy shit about a female Flippy with Marshall.

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