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I am slowly disappearing...

into a vast whirlpool of multi colored kool aid

4 May
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Well I suppose I should tell you all a little about my mission since I’m going to save your oozy little stereotype communities and all...
I am an international spy sent from a small island just off the coast of Jamaica in which the name off I shall not speak, unless I curse upon myself the will of becoming decapitated. I have been assigned a job, here in Gainesville Fl. to help exterminate this extensive group of Government controlled rats plotting their inconceivable ideas on how to overrun all of society and alienate the entire Gainesville population and eventually make it over to china for revenge purposes (eating rats is unnatural). The rat’s home base is located directly beneath UF campus they have already alienated the majority of the UF students so if you happen to see any humans walking around Gainesville in packs that all seem to look extremely similar like robots then they have most likely been abducted by the rats. First through subliminal means the victim is captured, after the victim has been abducted the rats take the human specie man to a secrete government operated intelligence agency which then injects a bluish serum into the humans cerebrovascular vessels which if you aren’t familiar, are the arteries which carry blood containing oxygen from the heart to the brain and back to the heart so once they have been injected their body slowly becomes numb to all rational thought. After the victim has been injected the governments special authorized brain technicians/surgeons are on the job they plant 3 microscopic computer chips into 3 different sections of the brain one in the Temporal Lobe, one in the Frontal Lobe and the other in the Parietal Lobe then once this process is completed the Government has complete control over your brain and may do what they like with you. It’s a hard task getting rid of these pesky rodents alone but don’t worry I'll put them into extinction it just takes time...

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